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Check-out this amazing new health&fitness business-model: Pay-As-You-Go Gym Passes

payasUgym.com provides a new and unique way to get discount pay-as-you-go gym passes. Simple! We have worked really hard to secure massive savings of up to 60% on your pay-as-you-go gym passes compared to the price you would normally pay at the gym.These special prices are only available through payasUgym.com!

payasUgym.com’s unique service allows you to find a pay-as-you-go gym in London and buy a gym pass (we call this an ePass) through our website and iPhone App. With payasUgym.com there is no membership, no inductions, and you only ever pay for what you use! Your search for a pay-as-you-go gym is made easier by the feedback left by other payasUgym.com users who have previously visited a gym.

Source: payasUgym.


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